Fear of man by Henry Venn, and historical inquiry


Puritan Board Junior
From the letters of Mr. Henry Venn, this written to his son. Worth meditating on, and especially to pray in the manner he prescribes.

“I hope, my dear son, you feel how utterly insufficient you are in yourself to stand before the trial you are called to, in the way of your intended profession. Remember Mr. Dodd. I myself heard him tell his own flock, whom he was lecturing in his house that he was obliged to give up that method of helping their souls because it exposed him to so much reproach. He gave it up, and fell from one compliance to another, with his corrupt nature; and under what reproach did he die! Be afraid of nothing more than the detestable cowardice of a selfish and unbelieving heart. Confess how much power it has in you; and beg, as a man begs for his life, that you may be bold, yet prudent, detesting the pernicious ways of youth left to themselves; and pass through fire, by the almighty grace of God, without being burnt, or hurt in your precious soul.”

By point of inquiry, who is the Mr. Dodd he speaks of?