Federal Vision -- Adam Kuehner's Series and Denominational Reports

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Adam Kuehner had a series expounding the Federal Vision and its dangers: https://www.sermonaudio.com/search....Federal+Vision&keyworddesc=The+Federal+Vision

If you are young like me and were not around for this controversy, you should find it most helpful. I especially appreciate how the movement is put into the context of Reconstructionism, which is something I had been previously unaware of but helped make sense of things I had seen from hanging around the CREC crowd in Facebook groups.

Take special note of the lectures about Doug Wilson's War on Piety. If you are on the Puritanboard, presumably you have some affinity for the Puritans' doctrine and life. The Federal Vision destroys a key aspect of it: experiential Christianity and "piety". Piety is not to be confused for pietism, but it is the heart and soul of a healthy Christian life. If you ever desire to be as godly in Christ Jesus as those Puritans that you love, you will need to forsake these false teachings about piety. If you have been ensnared by this destructive piece of theology, all the more please listen to Kuehner and then listen to Rob McCurley's messages on Heavenly Mindedness to inoculate yourself: it is only by being more heavenly minded and cultivating piety that we will actually do true earthly good: https://www.puritanboard.com/thread...en-and-the-fruit-of-seeing-the-unseen.111810/

If you are unaware of the old denominational reports on the controversy, you can find them helpfully linked in one place here: https://purelypresbyterian.com/2015/04/04/rejecting-the-federal-vision-its-a-gospel-issue/

Perhaps you do not trust the biggest denominations in NAPARC because they have been compromised by many issues and lack of discipline. Read what they wrote and compare to what the smaller denoms that perhaps you do not consider compromised have said (like the Presbyterian Reformed Church linked above). Do they say the same thing as the bigger denominations? Perhaps you can trust the major NAPARC denoms enough for this particular issue to read their reports and consider what entire churches have said?

But if you are still concerned about compromised denominations, consider how compromised the CREC is: they are united by conservativism and the culture war, not theology. Just look at all the varying and sometimes contradictory confessions that they allow. Look at how they allow for Federal Vision dark to have a place in their denomination. This is not unity based on the truth of Scripture but a general conservative unity among evangelicals, hence the name is apt under that consideration: Communion of Reformed and Evangelical Churches. This is discord. They even allow baptist and paedobaptist confessions and a whole variety of contradictory worship practices. If you thought the PCA was a mess on worship, this is a whole other level. Are you concerned about discipline? Look at the CREC documents on how they allow for discipline to happen: they have far less oversight than an actual Presbyterian denomination. They necessarily must do so with the wide range of doctrine and practice that they allow.
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