Food Choices, Church Choices and Their Effect On Your Body

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....their effect on your body.

Does it really matter what you feed yourself spiritually ?

Over at TheologicallyCorrect dot Com, I've been threatening, gathering, pondering and chunk writing portions of a new series (which, at this rate, will end up as a book) on reasons to leave your current 'not-heretical-but-not-really-deep-theologically' church for one that is. My friends and my own life experiences are continually giving me new source material to write and use as illustrations.

So you're at a church that doesn't teach anything overtly heretical, but the sermons are rather 'light' in doctrinal content. The preacher may be content with giving you practical (supposedly) sermons week to week which seem to be 'how to' more than anything else. All well and fine. We do need to know 'how to' from time to time. But you find yourself a bit 'critical' of the sermon week to week - “not enough meat!” So you supplement your church's sermons with podcasts from people you consider 'meatier' – MacArthur, Sproul, Piper, or any number of lesser known but solid biblical and exegetical pastors.

There's an old saying – if the cook doesn't eat here, why should you ?

Maybe that's a bit too strong. Maybe your church is more like this: Not adequately consistent on biblical teaching. The equivalent of eating steak one day, McFood Product 3-4 days out of the week, a McFood Product Apple Pie one day and then one day it's potluck.

Since we're running with food illustrations, let me add one more.
My wife and I recently started (maybe over the past 6-8 months) moving the bulk of our diet to being more organic. So we eat at Silver Diner (because they've switched over to organic) and Chipoltle as our primary food places if/when we eat outside. The occasional Chic-Fil-A comes in every once in a while (emergency food - but at least we know they serve real chicken) and Arby's (my wife used to work there, so she knows how the food is prepped - at least the beef).

Since the new food choices have come into play, several things have happened.

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Side note for PBers: Especially for NEW reformed folk, this may be a good illustration for you to use with your friends who wonder "Why did you leave our church ?" or "What's wrong with the preaching here ?"
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