For when you don't know where to put a thread..

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Is there a possibility to have a forum on here just for threads people want to make when they have no idea where the threads go?
I realize it might be more work for the mods, but I've had a topic in mind for weeks now and just haven't posted it because I just really honestly have no idea where to put it.

"Coffee Shop" is a general forum that can be viewed by members only.

"General" is a forum for non theological discussion that can be viewed by anyone.

It's helpful, in starting a thread to ask yourself if you want it to be viewed by board members only (all reformed Christians) or by the general public.
Scott has the correct response.

[Scott, I'm all out of cookies, so this will have to serve as your reward.] >>>>

Trust me, if the thread is not suited to the forum you post it in, it will be moved... eventually. So don't sweat it if you have a good topic that you'd like to discuss.
Well, I mean, It's not that I don't think it fits in any of the other threads perse but it's, like.. Spiritual warfare+discussion+prayer and.. @___@ it's a tad confusing.
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