Free Books! (from a parted father)

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I spent most of this morning going through more then 10 boxes of theological books. Any thing that struck my fancy I was free to take for my own library.

I was one of those (blessed) few that are offered the chance to glean the remains of those that have already plowed the fields.

Since I began the work of planting a reformed church in Moncton, one of my greatest blessings has been Father Chris. Father Chris is the rector of the largest Anglican churches in the city. He is (it must be added) a godly man, who loves his Saviour, as well as his church. Fr Chris has joined our mens bible study group for a discusion of the sacraments, as well as blessing us in every way by encouraging us to welcome members of his parish that participate in our fellowship.

Fr Chris had invited me to "take what I could use" from the collection of (the recently deceased) Fr Pearce. Now as a young man in the area (& a baptist) I had heard of John Pearce. He was the sort of Anglican that all evangelical christians admired & respected. he was outspoken in his defense of the gospel, and well loved by his people.

A couple of years ago I purchased one of Fr Pearce's "10 Minute" bible study books as a favour to a friend that was selling them. I had no intention of reading it. After all, what could I hope to learn from a retired old "priest"?

I learned a great deal.

Today I learned why. Fr. Pierce was a pastor that loved his people & who took his job seriously. As I opened box after box of books I had a glimpse into the life of a true man of God.

Here is what I found.

many books on these subjects;

Evolution vs the bible,

Psychology vs the bible,

Cults vs the bible,


History of missions,

The doctrines of grace,

Pastoral counseling,

The dangers of abortion,

As I searched the boxes of books the church serectary stopped in to see how I was doing. She showed me a box of gospel tracts authored by the late Rev Pearce. She said, "Fr Pearce said that these were for "evangelists, and we are all evengelists, according to Fr Pearce." She also commented that "those people lost a 'real' pastor" when he died. Of course he had retired over 20 years ago, and "those people" were all of us that had been blessed by him.

Learn more here Fr. Pearce Publications Page

Blessed are those Saints, that die in the Lord.

Rest in Peace, Father John.
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