Gaffin view of the Christian Sabbath?

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I know Dr. Gaffin has written on Calvin's view of the fourth commandment (Calvin on the Sabbath); has he written on his own view? Does he hold to Westminster?


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Chapter 5 of Pressing Toward the Mark (OPC publication) is entitled, "A Sabbath Rest Still Awaits the People of God." Perhaps someone else can summarize his view for you.


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Dr. Gaffin sent me an article that he had published somewhere. It discusses the Sabbath and the Westminster standards. Since it's published, I'm sure he wouldn't mind my disseminating it. But since it's published, I don't think I can. I have no idea where it was published. If you will give me a few days, I'll see if he'll tell me where it was published, so that I can either give you a link to it, or, with his permission, send you the content.

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In the mean time, there's this:

and this (much of the exegetical work is attributable to Gaffin)

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Okay, here's where the article he sent me was published:

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., “Westminster and the Sabbath” in ed. Ligon Duncan, The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century (Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2004).

I wish I could just send it to you, but I'm afraid that would be inappropriate. Perhaps your library can get it for you.
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