General Assembly humor

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Free Christian

Puritan Board Sophomore
From the makers of missional mixed martial arts church planting for cage fighters!? A proven method for winning at general assembly :lol:

Alan D. Strange

Puritan Board Senior
What's the joke? I've written and lectured (regularly in polity here, at the GA in a pre-assembly conference,in other church assemblies, as part of the MTIOPC, etc.) on RONR.

Seriously, I do get it :lol:, but if Dave Coffin (please greet him for me, if you are able to do so; it's been a long time) published a book on RONR, I would buy it!

Greetings to your family (especially your dear parents) from me.



Puritan Board Professor
Here is something that an attender wrote that could be taken as either funny or sad. "If Russia wants to kill all the moderately Reformed people in the USA then aim the missile here"
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