George Gillespie on the difference between mandatory holy days and voluntary mid-week gatherings

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
The Bishop presseth us with a fourth Argument, taken from the calling of people in great Towns, from their ordinary labours to Divine service. Which Argument Tilen also beateth upon. Ans. There is huge difference betwixt the rest which is enjoined upon anniversary Festivities, and the rest which is required, during the time of the weekly meetings for Divine Worship. For, 1. Upon Festival days, rest from labour is required all the day over, whereas upon the days of ordinary and weekly meetings, rest is required, only during the time of public Worship. 2. Cessation from labour for Prayers or Preaching on those appointed days of the week, at some occasions may be omitted, but the rest, and commemoration appointed by the Church to be precisely observed upon the anniversary Festival days, must not be omitted, in the Bishop’s judgment. 3. Men are straitly commanded & compelled to rest from labour upon Holy days, but to leave work to come to the ordinary weekly meetings, they are only exhorted. And here I mark how the Bishop contradicteth himself: for in one place where his Antagonist maintaineth truly, that the Craftsman cannot be lawfully commanded nor compelled to leave his work, and to go to public Divine Service, except on the day that the Lord hath sanctified: ...

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