George Gillespie on the need to restrain religious wolves

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
A fourth Argument is drawn from the names which the Scripture giveth to Heretics and Sectaries, holding forth the extreme danger of tolerating and letting them alone. They are called ravening wolves, Matth. 7. 15. and grievous wolves not sparing the flock, Act. 20. 29. thieves and robbers, John 10. 8. Their word eateth as a canker, 2 Tim. 2. 17. and is as a little leaven leavening the whole lump, Gal. 5. 9. They are troublers of Israel, Act. 15. 24. Gal. 5. 12. Shall the troublers of the State be punished, and the troublers of Israel go free? Shall Physicians cut off the member that hath a Gangrene in it, because it endangereth the whole body, and shall the great State physicians suffer the Gangrene to spread in the Church?

Shall men’s bodies, goods, and purses, be so far cared for, that thieves and robbers must not be suffered, but justice done upon them; and shall those have immunity who steal away souls from Christ, and rob us of the pearl of truth? Nay shall the poor sheep be so much looked to, that the wolf must not be spared; and shall we suffer the soul-destroying wolves to enter, yea abide peaceably among the dear-bought flock of Jesus Christ?

For the reference, see George Gillespie on the need to restrain religious wolves.