Getting close to 40 years from the Genesis of Naphtali Press

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Next year it will be 40 years since I started planning Naphtali Press and this year 35 years since the first publications started rolling off the press, albeit in spurts and infrequently. With the special series Naphtali Press Special Editions which began in 2019-20, I've done more work than the first 25 years I'm sure just in the last four years! Sponsors make creation of important puritan and reformed texts through the layout stage possible, which in turn are produced by Reformation Heritage Books. If you would like to make such texts possible, consider becoming a NPSE sponsor. We also need past sponsors to renew for this fourth year! For a quick "what it's all about" see this landing page. You may also request to join the NPSE Facebook group where first news is posted. See the Naphtali Press Speical Editions volumes at RHB.
Thank you for your hard work. Only having dipped a few toes into the process of editing these old texts, I have a slight understanding of what goes into the process. It is often tedious, laborious, and unexciting work; where one really needs to believe that what they are doing is going to have an impact on the Kingdom at large. Again, thank you. And here is to many more years in your pursuits.
I've been reading The Existence and Attributes of God edited by Mark Jones. Every time he mentions a work you're published, I smile. I'm so happy to have partnered with you in my small way over the years. You're very dear to me.
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