God or Baal—a new Calvin translation is now available.

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Hello everyone,

We just published a new Calvin translation. The publication consists of two epistles written by the young Calvin. They were translated by Dr. David Noe, one of the leading Latinists in the church today. I may be a bit biased as he is a brother and an elder in my congregation.

One of the epistles has never been translated; Beveridge previously translated the other. The footnotes compare his translation with Beveridges while pointing out the errors in his translation. Dr. Noe provides extensive footnotes throughout. Bruce Gordon wrote a helpful forward.

The title, God or Baal, is quite subtle in its polemics against the papacy and the Catholic Church's errors.

Here is our publisher's description:

This book consists of two open letters by the young John Calvin to evangelical believers who desired to stay and work within the Roman Catholic Church.

The first letter exposes the idolatry involved in the Mass, while the second denounces the papal abuses of the pastoral office of the church. Together, they form a resounding call for the necessity of a thoroughgoing Reformation.

This translation from David C. Noe makes the two letters available together for the first time in English. Noe also provides a helpful introduction to Calvin’s early life and the problem of evangelical believers remaining in the Roman Catholic Church.

This book does not merely provide a helpful view of how Calvin believed the moderate French reform movement should decide between God and the worship of false prophets. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the abiding significance of the need for reformation.

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