God, Revelation and Athority Six Volume Set - Carl Henry

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Today I was checking the latest matches to my hardbound books purchased through Amazon to any available Kindle books using the Amazon Matchbook feature: https://www.amazon.com/gp/digital/ep-landing-page

Discovered my six volume set of Carl Henry's six volume God, Revelation and Athority was available on the Kindle:


The complete 3000+ pages for the Kindle only cost me $2.99 as I had purchased the six volume set at Amazon in 2013 for $106.

Even at the regular $27 for the set on the Kindle is a good deal.


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Nice! I hardly ever buy new books on Amazon. And some of what I've bought isn't available for Kindle. So I've only got a couple of choices with Matchbook. But one of them is from years ago, and I probably wouldn't have noticed it had you not posted this.

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