Good Teaching Series on CRT

Phil D.

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Our church has an informal working relationship with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, here in Kansas City. Like all SBC seminaries it's somewhat of a mixed bag theologically, but there is a strong Reformed Baptist presence there - being probably second only to Southern in such regard.

(As an aside, if you're ever in KC it's well worth stopping in to see The Spurgeon Center located on the seminary grounds, which hosts the largest collection of Charles Spurgeon's personal library and original writings, as well as other interesting historical memorabilia.)

Many of the faculty and students of similar theological persuasion at MBTS become members of our church during their tenure there. This results in having a veritable embarrassment of really good and godly fill-in preachers and teachers here.

One of our current members, Brother Jeff Moore, is an inactive pastor from Louisiana who is finishing up his doctorate at MBTS. His thesis is on CRT, specifically the anti-Gospel dangers and aspects of it. Jeff is currently teaching an adult Sunday School class at church, based on his studies. I may be prejudiced, but the first two classes (of a planned six) have been the overall most thoughtful and thus helpful resource on the topic I've yet encountered. As such I wanted to share video links to the first two installments, and hope to post the remainder as they become available.

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Didn’t you know that white people aren’t allowed to have opinions on race? Unless they agree with CRT, of course.

Phil D.

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There were no classes the last two weeks, as Jeff attended to family business, and then we experienced supposed extreme weather and road conditions last week (and after all, Jeff is from Louisiana... )

Nonetheless... here is session 3 from his CRT class.