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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
For Informational Purposes Only:

I sent out an email to a number of interested people this past week, and thought it might be beneficial to post it here, knowing some of you are in the very situation mentioned. Below is the gist of the email.


Greetings to you all!

The reason you are receiving this email is because you initiated an email to me in the past requesting information looking for “a solid biblical church in your area” or something to that affect.

I’ve also sent this email to those regularly listing to sermons so that you can send this to other friends that may find it helpful. (Or, it may be that someone has forwarded this email to you.)

Many spiritually hungry Christians are looking for a solid biblically Reformed Church they could go to in their area, or even a church plant in their local area.

What we often find are liberal, “progressive” denominations that are introducing all kinds of idolatrous practices into their church services and have compromised on the bible and our historic confessions.

They do not want to "…stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jer. 6:16), to their spiritual detriment.

In response to growing liberalism in our own area, we have planted here, by God’s providence, Grace Chapel, Crossville TN. Some of you are very familiar with Grace Chapel and have listened to sermons as they have been uploaded to our website.

But, we have not uploaded entire church services. At the same time that it’s a blessing to have sermons online, merely hearing a recorded church service or sermon is not the same as participating in one, through the organic unity of the Spirit, and under the immediate unction of the Holy Spirit during preaching.

We have a “temporary fix” which should be of help to most of you who are looking to be part of a Reformed Church Service, while being in remote areas.

Keep in mind, this is a temporary fix. A number of you have been considering a move, (and one family has already purchased a house here and is moving straightway. What a blessing!).

Not everyone can do that providentially and immediately. Yet, we want to use all the constituted means at our disposal to do that as quickly as we are able in order to attend a place of worship that God approves of as prescribed by him in his word, for " they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth," (John 4:24).

This week we will use, for the first time, Free Conference Call so that all those in remote areas can access the church service and participate in it from your end.

I will be initiating the conference call at precisely 10:55am CST, though the service starts at 11am and the conference will be set to “lecture” mode. What that means is you will be able to dial in and hear the entire service as it takes place on your end.

Have your blue psalter ready, and participate in the service as we move through it. On our end, we will not hear all those dialing in. The speaker on the phone doesn’t have the ability to make that work well for us. But for you, it should work quite well.

You will hear the service as if you were in a “cry room” in the local church tending to a child over a speaker connected to the sanctuary. That allows you to participate. If you don’t have a blue psalter, you may want to buy one this week for future participation (click the previous link).

Anyone who is not on our weekly email list for psalm selections and prayer requests can respond to this email and be put on that list (for those on the PB, PM me). I send those selections and requests out on each Lord’s Day for the following week. That gives you time to practice psalter tunes. (All of which are online here).

If there is enough interest in this for us to get a dedicated number, we will do that. That will eliminate the access code, and it will give us a toll free number.

Based on the emails I’ve been receiving, we should have a good number of people calling in.

I hope that you will take advantage of the ability to do this, and hope it works out to be a blessing to the glory of our Savior.

A basic outline of the service is on Grace Chapel here.

If you know of families in your area (or outside) that are in the same situation you are in, forward this email to them so that they will be able to participate as well.

Keep your time zone in mind. The “dial in” phone number is (605) 313-5566 and the Access Code is 806979 then hit #. Again, call in after US 10:55 CST.

If you call in and hear silence, that may be part of the service in meditation for preparation and such.

At the end of the service, I’ll end the call.

If there are any technical difficulties, we will try our best not to disrupt the service, and to attend them.

If anyone has any questions, email me back.

Let’s be biblically wise to use all the constituted means we can for the glory of Christ.

I also look forward to having any of you attend our service remotely if you are ever providentially hindered from attending your home church and they do not have an active resource available for you.
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Someone asked about having our Wednesday Night Service conferenced in for our prayer meeting.
At this time, we are only conferencing in Sunday Morning Lord's Day service at 11am.
As a reminder - the “dial in” phone number is (605) 313-5566 and the Access Code is 806979 then hit #. Again, call in after US 10:55 CST.
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