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I'm looking for some really solid sermon series on the OT prophets, especially those with a strong eschatological bent (Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel). I would specifically like sermons that are deep, amillennianilist, and not in the KJV. If you're interested, I explain why below.

I'm relatively new to fitting into the reformed category, and am the sort of person that doesn't automatically accept a whole package of beliefs but instead examines them individually. A few years ago, I spent around more than a year carefully examining both Monergism and Armianism before realizing only the first worked with scripture. (It was taking the question of which was correct to the Bible that convinced me - shoulda done that sooner!). Over that time, I figured the dispensationalism I grew up with is questionable at best, but had more urgent reading, so I decided to temporarily become a panmillennialist* until I had time to dig deeper on that issue.

I think I now have time to dig deeper on eschatology. However, with two kids totaling 29 months in age, I have a limited amount of time for study, and the 45 min or so in my car is probably my best resource. I can and do read books, but not nearly as many as I'd like, and I've got a huge stack to get to. I also want to be putting more of my precious reading time into the Bible itself. So, sermon series will have to be one of my major resources.

I listened to a FANTASTIC sermon series by Art Azurdia on Revelation which quickly and thoroughly convinced me that the amillennialist position is preferable to dispensationalism. However, I'd like to understand it in light of the entirety of scripture rather than just with respect to Revelation. Hence, I'd like sermon series on the books I mention above. And yes, I realize the major prophets contain plenty of material not related to eschatology. And that's OK.

I'm sure some will say I should give post-millennialism a fair shake, and I will eventually. Probably. I just want to wrap my head around amillennialism first.

I know some of you love the KJV, but I never have. Yes, I realize there are many brilliant pastors who deeply love God who use the KJV. However, after a very painful personal incident where a horrible KJV-only fundamentalist church figured prominently, I just can't stand hearing it used.

*A panmillennialist asserts that things will all pan out in the end, but isn't sure how.




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Paul, can't help you on sermon series, but "More Than Conquerors" by Hendriksen (Commentary on Revelation) may help you greatly out to understand that book. It is simple and explains well what is going on based upon the entirety of the Scriptures (esp. OT Prophets) not just guesses or allegories.
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