Greetings from SE Indiana / Cincinnati

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Sergeant Will

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Hello PB,

I've been lurking on PB for a long time now. However, I thought that it might be time to ask for advice and engage in some theological discussions.

I recently moved to the west of Cincinnati at the Ohio/Indiana border. A job has moved me to this area, and I'm looking for a Reformed Baptist church.

By the grace of God I came out of the Charismatic movement five plus years ago, and ever since then I'm been consuming anything I can get my hands on regarding Reformed Doctrine.

I've been attending The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in pursuit of my M.Div. Though with my convictions I sort of stick out amongst the YRR crowd.

I'm an Air Force Reservist after serving 11 years on active duty. Hence forth my moniker.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


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We look forward to you sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Have not got a Sergeant Will over here, only a Sergeant Jones!( in Dad’s Army). Welcome.


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Welcome, Will. I'm on the east side of Cincy and a Presbyterian so I'm not sure what church options are available. I know of one possibility in West Chester called Providence Bible Fellowship. It's about 40 minutes from Bright.


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Welcome! I’m a little south of you, and I hope you have much better options there. Good solid Reformed churches are lacking in my area. I do know of some good Presbyterian churches up your way.


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Sergeant Will

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This is usually my first stop in looking for a RB church:

Unfortunately, it isn't map based which can make it problematical for those who aren't familiar with an area.

A map based resource,-84.62474228906251&z=8

turned up a different possibility in West Chester:
Looks like a modified 1689 -
Thank you Edward,

I've used the website Farese's website in the past as well as The Reformed Reader. They were very helpful when I was in Europe looking for reformed churches.
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