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James Clare Tessin

Puritan Board Freshman

My name is James Clare Tessin (Jim), I am 52 yrs old and married 25 years to Robin (PB Handle: Blessed5x) and have been blessed with five children: Gabrielle (20), Victoria (18), Joshua (16), Olivia (12) and Elizabeth (8). I became a Christian when I was 20 years old and attended at that time a Calvary Chapel (Mike MacIntosh-Pastor) in San Diego, CA for two years. I then became convinced of Reformed theology and we have been members of historic Reformed denominations ever since. We've moved to Alabama 3 years ago from Southern California. I have a large library and just started entering it into the LibraryThing (JimTessin). We look forward to becoming more actively involved on the Puritanboard.

Southern Presbyterian

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