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  1. Grits

    Grits Puritan Board Freshman

    I'm a new member here. I'm a retired Marine Corps Officer.

    I have spent my entire life in Brethren, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Church of Christ and Southern Baptist churches. However, back in my '20's I started studying the Westminster Standards. I became a Reformed voice in churches that lacked any serious theology.

    Back in the '90's I attended a Presbyterian Church hoping that the teaching of the church matched the Westminster Standards. It didn't. The Sunday that I attended, the discussion in Sunday school centered around the fact that the church was unsettled about its position regarding homosexuality. I never went back. I reasoned that if they couldn't figure out the easy things, they would be lost on more difficult matters.

    So, I remained in churches with poor theology and poor teaching. I resigned myself to the fact that good pastors were few and far between. I tried to make up for the deficiency by teaching Sunday school myself. About a year ago, I finally I decided that I had had enough. I quit my Southern Baptist Church and left its Pelagian pastor behind. I found a PCA church about a half hour from my home that has a gifted Bible expositor. Also, I started a Bible study in my own neighborhood and am praying that God will grow a reformed church out of it.

    I suffer from lack of good Bible teaching, but I am trying to make up for lost time by personal Bible study.
  2. Scott Bushey

    Scott Bushey Puritan Board Doctor

    Welcome aboard, brother.
  3. Jake

    Jake Puritan Board Junior

    Welcome! I'm glad you found a good church, and I know how difficult that can be. I know my denomination (the ARP Church) has a lot of congregations in your area.
  4. Reformed Bookworm

    Reformed Bookworm Puritan Board Sophomore

    Welcome. Please let me know if I can assist you in finding any resources or suggestions to further your studies. It would truly be my pleasure.
  5. PhilA

    PhilA Puritan Board Sophomore

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