Guiljelmus Saldenus on the comforting joy of the Lord’s Supper

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
This comforting joy of the Lord’s Supper must not be considered as something external or physical, but rather, as something internal and spiritual (Ps. 4:8; Luke 1:47; Ps. 22:27).

This joy essentially consists of these three components:

1. It consists of a clearer and more distinct apprehension of the magnitude and preciousness of the suffering of Jesus Christ. This is set before us in the Lord’s Supper not merely as is done and taught through the Word, nor is this embraced as being true by faith only. Rather, it is set before us as something that is seen, tasted, and felt through the administration of tangible and visible signs, and thus by taking, breaking, giving, pouring, eating, and drinking, etc., of the bread and wine.

2. It consists in a greater and more certain peace of heart proceeding from and by way of an assured fellowship with the all-sufficient merits of Jesus Christ. In the Lord’s Supper, by way of various ceremonial actions, all of this is displayed much more visibly and clearly, and it is bound upon the soul in a very personal way. ...

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