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Hello all. Glad to finally join the board after browsing posts for so long. Here is a very brief Church history:

  • Raised Catholic until I was 16.
  • Parents started attending a traditional Southern Baptist Church where I was baptized.
  • Left for the US Navy at 18 and hopped around churches trying to "figure things out". (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist)
  • Finally settled in at a Southern Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida until my service time was complete and I made my way back to Texas.
  • Was a member of a mega-church - also Southern Baptist - with my parents and brother for a couple years until...
  • Switched to a New Calvinism Baptist Church that became a mega-church for 7 years.
  • I've been at a PCA church since the summer of 2011.

Digging into the establishment principle, reformed theology, presuppositional apologetics, and theonomy like crazy right now. Really eating this stuff up.


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I was stationed on the Forrestal and Saratoga when they were ported at Mayport. That has been a long time ago. Welcome to the Puritanboard.


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I was stationed on the Forrestal and Saratoga when they were ported at Mayport. That has been a long time ago. Welcome to the Puritanboard.
I was in Mayport as well. Part of a helicopter squadron and did a deployment with the Underwood (frigate).


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Welcome from another republic. I Also spent navy time in FL - at Pensacola (many, many years ago).


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Welcome to the PB! This is a wonderful place to grow in understanding and grace. Many godly and wise folks here to help you along the journey! I know I have profited tremendously from my time here. All the best to you.


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Welcome Nick to the PB, I am like you an ex Roman catholic. I explored all the major Protestant denomination before finally becoming also like you a Presbyterian, I also was in the Us navy during the Vietnam war.

I am fascinated with the entire Protestant Reformation and studied it in-depth…after leaving the Roman catholic church myself….Kind of like Luther and more like Calvin in my thought now about Catholicism. I do renounce openly the papacy and the pope and any teaching which runs contrary to and above scripture. I am now in total agreement as a Protestant in sola scriptura and the other four solas of the reformation….as well as the Protestant doctrine of Justification…You will learn much on the PB about the Reformed faith. I have..again welcome!

Jackie Kaulitz

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Welcome Nick! What a blessing that God has given you such a fire to learn about the truth. :) Keep eating that stuff up and may our Lord lead you to discern wisely and use what He teaches you for His glory and yours and our joy! It's great to have another brother onboard!
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