Hail from the Puritan Church at Brazil.

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Greetings to all Saints in the Puritan Board,
Grace and Peace be with you, from our Lord, Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heavens.

My name is Ademir, I'm an Elder of the Kalleyan Church at Brazil, Angra dos Reis. We are a young church, we are reformed and we had learnt precious spiritual treasures from the Puritans. As our founder was a Scottish puritan named Robert Kalley, we became a “Puritan” Church.
But the way in what it happened wasn’t the easy one:
After the departure of Rev. Robert Kalley, at the 19th century, our church, that used to be called Evangelical Church of Rio de Janeiro, became attacked by dispensationalists. After years of work they became majority between us. Then the charismatics came. And our church became divided. Some reformed doctrine from Kalley, some dispensationalism, some charismatism. The name of the denomination had changed three times!
And our people had perished because they didn’t had the knowledge of God. The churches, even the other historical churches, became corrupt, became charismatic, anthropocentric, dead.

But, as some of our leaders and elders start studying some new books that were published in our country, as some of our leaders and elders start studying the Bible and trying to Reform our denomination, so something start to happens. God had moved man He set apart for this work, and, in a providential manner, He united our group. Every man with one mind, with one and the same doctrinal conceptions, with one and the same thirst for Christ’s Glory. We made reformed symbols of faith to our people, and God guided us to the Puritans. We rediscovered Kalley works, we rediscovered the Reformed doctrine. But our denomination didn’t look with good eyes into it. We called for Covenantal ideas, we called for a deeper Bible studies. They didn’t like it. So our congregations were removed from our old denomination.

But, we know God made it for our benefit. We founded a new denomination, the Congregational Puritan Church. Usually the people call us “Kalleyan Church”, to make difference from the Congregational Church that are not “fully” Reformed.

In all these things we see the hand of our might God doing His will. We are growing in Grace, we are growing in Christ’s knowledgement. We are growing in the fruits of Spirit and becoming a strong Church. To God only be the Glory.

We also need a lot of things, it’s true. We don’t have enough preachers, we don’t have money. But we will go and combat the good fight with the strength we have, God is sending us. God will take care of us and of His children at our country.

So, please, pray for us.
Pray for the Kalleyan Church at Brazil.

May our Lord bless every Saint, here, at PuritanBoard, and use every one here for His Kingdom,
All the Glory be to Jesus Christ, our Savior.

At your service, in Christ,
pb. prof. Ademir Moreira

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to the PB.

Do you know about the "Puritan Project" in Brazil? - Many Puritan works have been translated into Portugese.


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As a fellow Reformed Congregationalist, I welcome you to the Puritan Board. I am aware of the Congregational denominations in Brazil. Apart from your own, what is the extent of Reformed theology in the other Congregationalist groups?
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