Hail from the Puritan Church at Brazil.

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Puritan Board Freshman
Thank you all. It's really refreshing to receive all this greetings from my brothers at PB.

Thanks to "In His Grip" an "Pepper" for the prayers. Here, in the front lines of the battle, preaching the Gospel where there are not even one church teaching the Doctrines of Grace, we live by prayers. If, just by few days, our combat in prayers becomes weaker, we see the church becoming weak too.
Last week we lost two of our usual visitors:
One returned to alcohol.
The other was (after months of invitations and temptations) attracted by a pentecostal-freewill-prosperity-megachurch.

Thank you for the prayers and, please, pray for us. We can stand and battle because our people pray for us. Only God is our strength.

Johsua, I think the signature is now fixed. Thank you.

Carlos, thank you for offer your help. I’ll contact you soon.

JayBird, I know about the Puritan Project. We don’t have money to buy their books, but I signed their journal. We also exchanged a few words by e-mail, and then Dr. Manoel Canuto, from the Puritan Project, gave us a few, but precious, words of encouragement.
We are trying to raise the funds to send one of our ministers to their annual Conference. Please pray for this, too.

DAW, we are the first Reformed Congregationalist group at Brazil in 150 years. There was Rev. Kalley’s church but they became dispensationalist, charismatic and arminian. There is the Reformed Congregational Church but they aren’t Congregationalists (!) :confused:.
We think that some isolated congregations are really reformed, but we didn’t found them yet.

PresReformed, I heard about this book, but I didn’t read it yet.

Thank you all again.
Not open for further replies.