Hannibal Gamon on carnal fear

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Then I must tell you, that every Fear is not commendable. Not that Fear which is Hypocritical, for this is Superstition, when men fear the Fear of Idolaters. Not that fear which is Worldly, for this is wicked self-Love, when men fear Men Loss of Goods, Fire and faggot, more than God the Only Sovereign Commander of the Soul, the Only Dreadful Threatener of everlasting Burnings.

Nor that fear which is Servile or adulterate, for this is no Virtue proves Paris. when men fear the Evil of Punishment only; not the Evil of Sin, as an Adulteress fears the Coming home of her Husband; but fears not the Committing of Adultery. Nor is that fear commendable, which is Distrustful or Immoderate like Ruben as Gerson alludes grown great, and lying with Bilhah, for this is Infidelity when men tie God’s Grace to present deliverance out of danger, without a Believing and waiting Spirit for his Mercy, Esai. 28.16.

For the reference, see Hannibal Gamon on carnal fear.

C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
As a note, all of Gammon's works are republished in one volume here, which includes the above sermon.
I wish there were more of his works that survived. They are exceedingly excellent.
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