Hannibal Gamon on the benefit of funeral commendations for true believers

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Although it be true (which a worthy Divine [Robert Bolton] observeth) that formal Hypocrites are heartened and hardened in their lewd courses & false conceits of happiness, when they hear more infamous Sinners than themselves, gloriously and flatteringly commended at their Deaths; yet we need not fear any such bad effect by the Funeral-commendation of God’s true Saints; because the public Testimony of their just Praises doth not only make the wicked more inexcusable, and the Glory of God’s Graces shine far brighter to Posterity; but also enkindleth in the hearts of the godly a greater fire of Zeal for imitation. ...

We the Ministers of Christ, and Stewards of the Mysteries of God, must adorn none with the Honourable Attributes of Heavenly Praise; but such as are truly beautified, enriched, and ennobled with the Purity and Power of God’s Fear in their Humble Souls. This praise the Lord will Prosper, which is uttered in that Wisdom, whereof the Fear of the Lord is the beginning. But for the Saints themselves: I dare say with Saint Augustine, that they desire more the Imitation, than the Commendation of their virtues: …

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