Hardest part of seminary academically?

Discussion in 'Seminaries, Colleges & Education' started by John Yap, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. greenbaggins

    greenbaggins Administrator Staff Member

    I've read that book. Quite rigorous and invigorating from the RCC standpoint. Pre-Vatican II theology, though.
  2. DTK

    DTK Puritan Board Junior

    Indeed Lane, the Roman apologetic target is in continuous flux. After all, a moving target greases the merry-go-round. If your Vatican II approach is shot down, just shift back to Ott & Trent's approach, and vice versa. For Rome's sake, you can have your cake and eat it too, because consistency is not required in the field of Roman apologetics.
  3. Ask Mr. Religion

    Ask Mr. Religion Flatly Unflappable


    The terseness of the text required the students to unpack the summaries by application of numerous other pronouncements from Rome, ECF, etc. I nearly lived in the library throughout the course.
  4. Alan D. Strange

    Alan D. Strange Puritan Board Junior

    Ah, what bliss!

  5. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Professor

    That's the experience of a lot of seminary students, I think. If you don't know what an adjective is in English, you're not going to know what one is in Hebrew or Greek, either.

    Another thing you realize in studying these languages (or any other two or more languages) is that every language does the same things - they just do them in different ways, unique (more or less) to that language.
  6. John Yap

    John Yap Puritan Board Freshman

    PRTS God willing

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  7. Semper Fidelis

    Semper Fidelis 2 Timothy 2:24-25 Staff Member

    Very true. I never understood why people kept posting here that they learned as much about English as they did about Greek when they started studying it. I actually know how to use "who" vs "whom" now!
  8. py3ak

    py3ak They're stalling and plotting against me Staff Member

    If a seminary is small enough that professors can get to know you, it should certainly be the case that you are introduced to some new ideas. A general flexibility of mind that enjoys learning new ways of looking at things will be a great help for tackling whatever difficult concepts might come up.

    A related benefit is that one can be introduced to new and very worthwhile authors. Had I not gone, I don't know that I would have been introduced, for instance, to R.W. Southern, Peter Brown, Steven Ozment, and E. Brooks Holifield. But I happily remember summer breaks when there was time to read such authors beyond the curricular requirements.
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  9. Harley

    Harley Puritan Board Sophomore

    Be sure to come visit us at First RP sometime :). We meet in the chapel every Lord's Day.
  10. John Yap

    John Yap Puritan Board Freshman

    Would not pass up a chance to listen to Craig Scott. Speaking of which, which seminary did he go to?

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  11. Harley

    Harley Puritan Board Sophomore

    I'll have to ask him since I don't know the Scottish seminaries that well. I believe he studied in Edinborough.
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