Has anyone studied at the Log College and Seminary?

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Has anyone taken any classes or completed a degree from here that can answer a few questions? I am very close to finishing my associate degree and have the desire to grow in my theological studies but at a pace that fits in with my full-time work and being very involved/hands-on in a church plant and the local church. The flexibility looks very convenient and appears to be truly reformed and to take the mentor model of learning and accountability.
If you are open to alternatives and are able to fund the education, this thread will open up. Do you know if there are Log college graduates in the PCA?
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Keeping in mind that I am an old man, typical seminaries like RTS would be too expensive and time restrictive. I am finishing up the Doctor of Divinity program. They have thus, since then, done away w/ the nomenclature and program. It is essentially, a work at your own pace type of education. I got involved through Larry Bray, who was at the time the president of the seminary. I believe John Mcdonald is now the president. My goal was to start this seminary to get closer to Christ. I liked the curriculum and so I moved forward. I didn’t have any desire per se to be in leader ship at my local church but just know Christ better.

From what I have seen, The PCA and OPC have graduates onboard.

Larry Bray used to be a frequent participant of this site in its beginning stages. He’s a great guy and I love him dearly. Interestingly, enough, he was one of those guys that changed from paedo to Credo. That’s why he left the seminary. Last I heard he was working in urban ministry, I believe in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania. In most recent years, he conveyed to me that he had a leukemia type of disorder. So if the Lord leads pray for him, I haven’t talked to him in a few years so I don’t really have anything recent.
You live in a very blessed age. There are so many, not just individual lectures on theological topics; but entire courses institutions of higher learning have blessed the body with; that you would never be able to take them all. A few years back; I had put together this list. While not strictly Reformed in every course, I was trying to make a autodidact model of education possible. But, you also have people like TMS, RTS, RBS, CTS, etc. offering tons of courses; entire courses for free. This is not to mention Biblical Learning from Gordon Conwell, or Biblical Training.

I say this to say, that your choice of no cost, personal edification resources are more, for free, than any believer, scholar or otherwise had access to in any prior time in Church History. Just E-Sword or theWord alone, not to mention for-cost programs like Accordance and Logos; are access to bigger theological libraries, for free, than many, if not any biblical scholar had prior to 1920. For $12 a month, Scribd will give you access to some of the best contemporary theological books in print; including commentaries and reference works.

All the tools are there brother. Finding a mentor I cannot help you with. But, I want to say if you cannot find one in your local church, or on a place like here; there are places online that you can pay for tutoring by the hour; and, many of them are theology professors.

Absolutely nothing is stopping you from learning from some of the most renown seminaries in the world; for free. Like someone once told me; ain't nothing to it, but to do it; even though that is sometimes easier said than done.
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Why should a Presbytery. Classis, Diocese object to Log College, Lamp, or MINTS?
I don't know that there are specific reasons, but if the goal is ordination, these are the men who may be examining you and so their input would be important. If they have concerns or wish to know more about the insitution in question, the time to address that would be before you start, not after you finish. They are also the obvious source of potential mentors.
Why should a Presbytery. Classis, Diocese object to Log College, Lamp, or MINTS?
I am not PCA but I have followed the other threads:

1) Lamp is PCA approved.
2) Approved…That does mean there is some approval element needed, especially for non traditional brick and mortar seminaries-my assumption
3) if Lamp is a PCA approved way of hybrid seminary, there may be a push for OP to pursue Lamp instead- another speculation of mine
I'm newly matriculated into their Bachelor of Theological Studies program, currently taking Christian Doctrine I. I can't answer your question as it relates to the PCA, but you said you had a few questions about the school. I'm happy to help if I can.
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