Hello from Rio.

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Welcome! You'll find a few soccer fans here (even though we don't call it football!).

Oh Yeah...

FOOTball for some unknown reason is played with the hands...:lol:

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Welcome, Frank! I was in Rio over twenty years ago. What a city! I've not seen anything like it anywhere else. (I'll never forget hearing the police rev up their Porsche powered VW Beetles outside my window every morning. :) )


Any plans on getting back? What neighborhood did you stay?

If I remember correctly it was Ave. Atlantica where Leme and Copacabana meet. We were across the street from the beach.

If I get back to Argentina I will probably stop in Rio again. I have a friend from college who lives in Brazil and Rio is the closest airport.


Greetings! I have a couple of Baptist friends from Brazil with whom attended seminary. Fausto Vasconcelos and Eduardo Steibel. I love those guys!

Frank Brito.

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