Hello from Singapore!

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Hey everyone!

Been looking for a reformed forum for a long time but seems most of them are pretty inactive, that is till I found PuritanBoard!

A brief introduction of myself:

My name is Ewen Lin and you've probably guess it right, I'm from Singapore. I'm currently studying in a Assemblies of God (A/G) Bible College here for a Bachelor of Theology. Heard the gospel in an A/G church and remained there ever since. Came to know of the doctrines of grace few years later that was about a year before I entered seminary studies.

I choose to enroll in a Pentecostal seminary as my pastor was chairman of the board with a few other pastors also lecturing there. So my church was largely involved in the seminary, opposed to going to a seminary (even though reformed) where I didn't know anyone. Certainly helps with the accountability etc. Besides, the church knew of my doctrinal convictions but still supported me every step of the way. Really shows the unity of the believers in Christ and for which I'm very grateful for.

Now being in a church and seminary largely (you could say totally) arminianistic in beliefs with scatterings of the emergent church movement influences, its a tough journey articulating and defending the reformed faith and the theology. My hope is to be able to be among people of like-mindedness when I move on to my masters studies. Still, that's another few years more.

Thats about all about me. I don't watch tv or movies nor play computer games, though not because I'm overly spiritual but well it just reeks of wordly perspectives and lust violence etc. I spend my time reading and writing (www.noplacefortruth.com) I enjoy fishing and rugby (while I'm still 22, before its too late)!

Hope to get to know everyone here better!



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Hey, I'm in Singapore RIGHT NOW!

I am at the YWCA at Fort Canning Road, PM (Private message) me and comeand visit this week. I will probably be here until May 2nd.


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Hi Ewen

Welcome to the PB! I consider myself an honourary Singaporean because my wife, the Orchid Lady, was born and raised there. Nice to see another Singaporean on the board.
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