Hello! Looking forward to meeting and making new friends!

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My name is Robin and I am wife to previous new member Jim (PB Handle: James Clare Tessin). We have been reading posts for quite a while and have even corresponded with some of you via e-mail. We are very happy to become members and find a group of believers who are so like-minded.

I was born to a covenant family. My father was a pastor of the RPCNA congregation in San Diego, CA. My husband Jim and I met at this church and have been married for 25 years :) We have been blessed with five children (reason for PB Handle!): Gabrielle (20 yrs old), Victoria (18 yrs old), Joshua (16 yrs old), Olivia (12 yrs old) and Elizabeth (8 yrs old). We are a homeschooling family and we love to sing the Psalms. We moved to Alabama from Southern California 3 years ago and really love all the greenery and the slower pace.

Even though we have just officially become members, we have been reading the Puritanboard posts for a long time and feel such a "kindred spirit" with the members. Our family has upheld many of you in our prayers. We really look forward to becoming a part of the Puritanboard family and meeting and making new friends :)

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to the PB. Happy to hear your testimony and know of your homeschooling.

We HS'd and I defended lots of HSers in Texas during the 80's.

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