Help me decide what to read on my mountain vacation.

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Good day, brethren. My wife and I are going on our annual San Juan Mountains camping trip. I will have nine days to submerse my self in beautiful scenery and books away from work and the demands of life. We go camping a good bit and it drives my wife crazy how long it takes me to pick books for a day or two. I am trying to be proactive.

Here are some options:
My ESV Reader's Bible and Poole's commentaries.
Another option is a Bible and a commentary on a specific book. If you could study one book of the Bible in the mountains, what would it be and what commentary would you pick?
I would also like to reexamine my eschatology. What are some of favorite Eschatological books from amillennial and post-millenial? Pre-millenial is not on the table for me.
A Systematic Theology volume/Body of Divinity. Such as a volume from Brakel, Hodge, Calvin, Witsius, Ussher, William Ames.
Or, a volume from a collected works such as Robert Rollock, William Bridge, Manton, Edwards, Edward Reynolds, Baxter, Henry, Christopher Love, and so forth.
A book of sermons such as Samuel Davies, Hugh Martin, Thomas Adams, Log College sermons, and so forth.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

In Christ,
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In a similar setting, I benefited from reading a collection of Geerhardus Vos sermons (called Grace and Glory) he preached at the Princeton chapel. In another, a collection of Jonathan Edwards sermons called Knowing Christ. And the middle chapters of John Murray's commentary on Romans. A word of warning: many find the first sermon in Prof. Vos' book to be difficult. To me he comes across as having a deep, pastoral care for the students throughout this volume.
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