Help with what seems to be a major Accordance deficiency

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by SolaScriptura, Mar 28, 2015.

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    Ok, I've posted in the past about my frustrations waiting for Bibleworks to come out with their next edition (one that would hopefully include an updated interface, etc.)

    I have been using my Logos, which I really do think is too cumbersome to use for "simple, old-fashioned" Bible study.

    So I've been using the free trial of Accordance. I want to like it, but I cannot figure out how to work-around a major deficiency.

    Let's say that there's the verse/passage and I want to look it up, but I cannot remember the "address" nor can I remember the entire verse. I can, however, remember a word or two from the verse/passage. So I set Accordance to look up words. I enter (for the sake of this illustration) "love god" and it pulls up every verse in which these words occur. I scroll down the list until I find Mark 12:30. I exclaim "That's it!" And I want to read the entire passage for context. So I go to click on the passage, except it doesn't open the Bible to that passage. I try double clicking. Again, nothing. It appears that I need to remember the reference "Mark 12:30" and go back to the top of the screen and change it to look up verses and then manually enter the verse. Good grief. Lame. Even Logos allows me to click on verses in the search and it will open my Bible in a different pane to that verse.

    Are there any Accordance users here who can tell me how to do this in Accordance? I cannot believe that they wouldn't have that capability, so I'm fairly confident I'm doing something wrong...
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