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  1. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Greetings my fellow pilgrims. I'm trying to grow in my understanding of scripture, especially in a reformed theological context and I was hoping some of you more knowledgeable pilgrims could recommend a good book on proper hermeneutics?? Thanks in advance
  2. Taylor Sexton

    Taylor Sexton Puritan Board Junior

    Try to find a copy of Louis Berkhof's Principles of Biblical Interpretation. Berkhof is, in my opinion, fairly dry reading, but he is clear as a bell. It's hard to beat him.
  3. Contra_Mundum

    Contra_Mundum Pilgrim, Alien, Stranger Staff Member

    I like Berkhof, and we had to buy and used the book in Seminary. I think it was out of print at the time, but today you can find lots of inexpensive copies on the used market, especially if paperback.

    I agree with Taylor's assessment. If you would like another seminary prof's more recent labor, which goes a bit further and makes a case for "preaching as the apostles did it," try https://www.amazon.com/Him-We-Proclaim-Preaching-Scriptures/dp/1596380543. Instead of "dry," its challenge is that it's "deep."
  4. Hamalas

    Hamalas whippersnapper

    Richard Pratt's He Gave us Stories is very helpful.
  5. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Thank you much
  6. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    I'll order this as well as Berkhof, thank you.
  7. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Thank you my friend.
  8. Jack K

    Jack K Puritan Board Professor

    True story: That particular Berkhof book lives permanently inside a drawer in my bedside table. It's there to read in an emergency, when I need something sure to put me to sleep.

    It is a good book on hermeneutics, to be sure. But you're right that it's dry, which gives it multiple uses.
  9. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

  10. Gabriel Barnes

    Gabriel Barnes Puritan Board Freshman

    I've been working through Dr. Fairbairn's hermeneutical Manual for seminary. It has been excellent so far!
  11. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    I'll put that on my list as well my friend
  12. Taylor Sexton

    Taylor Sexton Puritan Board Junior

    Another thing that might be of use to you is simply to listen to good preachers preach. One of the goals (although not the primary, of course) of preaching is to model for the congregation good Bible interpretation.

    By way of more academic pursuits, and as an alternative to reading books, I might also recommend this resource.
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  13. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Yes! I've been doing a lot of that lately and you're absolutely right, having been deprived of this (reformed theology) for, well, years, I feel like i've grown more in the last year than I have in the last 10 years, no exaggeration. I thank God for His patience.

    As for the link you sent, I will surely check it out.
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  14. De Jager

    De Jager Puritan Board Freshman

    Hey man, I experienced something similar to you. I was in evangelicalism for a long time, and didn't really understand the Bible.

    SermonAudio is your friend. If you have a smartphone, use the app and download a bunch of sermons and just listen to them.

    I honestly think that something that would help you is to go through the Heidelberg Catechism. It is a staple of many reformed churches and is preached on regularly. I would get a copy (or just go online)


    Then go on sermon audio and listen to a series through the catechism.

    Here is a complete sermon series (52 sermons) from Joel Beeke's church:


    And one from a really good URC preacher, Paul Ipema:


    I wish you nothing but the best.
  15. greenbaggins

    greenbaggins Administrator Staff Member

    I like Graeme Goldsworthy's book Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics.
  16. Taylor Sexton

    Taylor Sexton Puritan Board Junior

    I haven’t read that book, but I was required to read his According to Plan in seminary, and enjoyed it very much. In fact, these two books by Goldsworthy might be very good to read together, the one giving an overall interpretive framework for the cohesive and unfolding story of redemption and Scripture, the other giving the philosophy and method of proper interpretation of that Scripture.
  17. Andrew35

    Andrew35 Puritan Board Freshman

    I'm going to throw someone out who may raise a few eyebrows, and with whom I certainly would not agree on many theological matters (eg, preterism).

    Nonetheless, I found Milton S. Terry's classic Biblical Hermeneutics one of the clearest, and most practical books on the subject that I've read.
  18. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Thank you for these links my friend, I can't thank everybody enough. I am familiar with sermon audio. I've just recently discovered Derek Thomas and Albert Martin on there and I've been very wary of just clicking on anybody because I wasn't sure if the majority of people on there were going to help me or not. Thanks for the assurance my friend. I will do just that.

    I just received the 1689 and the Heidelberg Catechism in the mail. I've read a bit of the 1689 but haven't delved into the catechism yet, I'll now make that a priority along with the series, thank you again.
  19. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    I'm currently building my library, that will go in it.
  20. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    That sounds exactly like what I need.
  21. blvck2gold

    blvck2gold Puritan Board Freshman

    Much obliged
  22. Kinghezy

    Kinghezy Puritan Board Freshman

    Sounds like his systematic theology. I occasionally try to read it, and it always makes me sleepier faster.
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