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I'm not sure this is the correct forum, but I'm having a problem when loading the home page. It's hard to describe, but the whole website loads - just with a gigantic gap between the first thread and the rest. After the website loads (5-10 seconds), the other threads come back up. I've attached screen shots.

I'm using Chrome.


I use Chrome and have no issues. This looks like a local machine issue-reboot. If it cont's to happen, delete Chrome and re-download. Try another browser and see if u have the issue.
Internet explorer does the same thing, though it does load faster. The glitch lasts ~1 second vs. 5 with Chrome.
The slight delay is probably due to the Facebook, Google, and Twitter integration plugins we use. These plugins place the respective buttons you see at the bottom of the posts on the Home page. You will notice the page refresh on all browsers, so it is not really a browser issue. The plugins help to drive traffic to the site via social media accounts, so the small delay is worth it. Clearing your cache will only exacerbate the delay. Once these social media items are loaded the subsequent delays when revisiting the Home page will be less intrusive.
is probably due to the Facebook, Google, and Twitter integration plugins we use.

In Firefox, various plug ins can block them. I think I use NoScript for Facebook and Ghostery is catching the Google Plus. The Tweet link appears live at the moment although NoScript is showing it blocked.

Fair warning to all users - excessive use of blockers can lead to requiring work arounds for the login.
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