Horatio Bonar on Jesus Washing Feet


Puritan Board Freshman
"This last act of lowly love, is the filling up of his matchless condescension; it is so simple, so kindly, so expressive; and all the more so, because not referring to positive need, such as hunger, or thirst, or pain—but merely to bodily comfort. Oh, if he is so interested in our commonest comforts, such as the washing of our feet, what must he be in our spiritual joys and blessings! How desirous is he, that we should have peace of soul—and how willing to impart it!"

"Love to the saints; love showing itself in simple acts of quiet, lowly service; service pertaining to common comforts; this is the lesson for us, which the divine example gives. If He did this, what should we do? "If I your Lord and Master have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet.""

"As a believing man, I enter upon his fullness; I become partaker of his riches; and so identified with himself, that his cleanness is accounted my cleanness, his excellence my excellence, his perfection my perfection. As he was the Lamb without blemish, and without spot, so I am "clean every whit;" and to me, as part of the cleansed Bride, the Lamb's wife, it is said, "You are so beautiful, my beloved, so perfect in every part.""

Regi Addictissimus

Completely sold out to the King
For anyone wondering where this quote came from, it is a sermon from Horatius Bonar titled, Christ the Cleanser.

Citations, brother, citations—I'm not sure how many times one needs to ask you.