How do you pronounce his name?

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C. Matthew McMahon

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I'm dedicating a large amount of time over the next six months to a new project on Pastoral Theology. I'm working to update A Puritan's Mind's Pastoral Section with quite a lot of new information. I've been rereading all my pastoral theology books again, and most of them quote Alexandre R. Vinet (1797-1847). Dabney quotes him through most of his work, as does Bridges and Fairbairn.

Does anyone know how to pronounce Vinet?

I've heard Vin-et. Like the vin number of a car with et as "aet".
I've heard "vinay" where the T is silent.

I'm not Swiss, so I'm unsure.


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I hear it said two ways here!

Cajuns can't pronounce French. I've known several folks with the surname Robert. Some call themselves Robert, others say ROEbey. You always have to ask. You can get variations with the Benoit family, as well.

Tom Hart

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It seems he's French Swiss, so his name is pronounced something a bit like 'Veenay', with the final syllable stressed.


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Cajuns can't pronounce French.

LOL, I've only lived here for 15 months! My Yankee father taught me French from learning it as a boy himself in France. Still, you are very right that the Cajuns can't pronounce French. I live near a road called "Cheniere". Guess how everyone pronounces it? "SHENNY". I kid you not.
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