Humanity of Jesus Christ not really appreciated

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Puritan Board Freshman
Lots of times when you hear or read of this or that saint who became a martyr for the faith you will get very moved. However so often we christians find it hard to truly feel the force of the words: "Christ suffered in the flesh" (1 Pet 4:1).

What is the problem? Have we grown too acquainted with the doctrine of his suffering that it is no longer fresh?
Or maybe we identify with the other "human" martyrs because they are like us in every respect. Though we understand the Christ is fully man, we still subconsciously feel that He is God so there exists a gap in our ability to truly identify with Him as a man like the rest of us in every respect made like his brothers.

What do you think? Any cures to this insensitivity to Christ's sufferings?


Puritan Board Professor
I have found this to be true in that to deny His incarnation and how He was like us in every way but without sin brings up how He acted without any inner thoughts of even trying to sin. For instance when He fasted He was no doubt hungry but in my mind did not want to eat for to do so would have been sin in of itself to want to do something that was against His desire to fast. Simply amazing.
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