I am considering selling some of my harder to find sets.

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Hello brothers & sisters,

For various reasons, I am selling a few of my harder to find Puritan, Presbyterian, and Church Fathers sets. I am borderline fanatical about keeping my books in top condition and never mark in them. If any do have markings, it is very minimal, and they were purchased that way. Markings will be noted.

Also, if they were issued with dustjackets, I have them. They have been stored away in a tightly sealed box. Most of these sets I ended up reading more in Logos.

These are the initial ones that I am considering:

Nicene & Post-Nicene Early Church Fathers Series 1 &2 (Hendrickson ed. 28 vols) These volumes are near mint. These two sets are currently going for astronomical prices. Asking $400.

The Complete Works of Edward Reynolds (Soli Deo Gloria. 6 vols.) It is rare to see a complete set come up for sale, and when it does, they are quite pricey—between $500-600. Excellent condition. I am asking $300

The Complete Works of William Bridge (Soli Deo Gloria. 5 vols.) This set is even rarer than Edward Reynolds. If you ever see these on the market, they sell for close to $600. Very minimal markings in the set. Asking $300.

The Sermons of Samuel Davies SOLD.

The Complete Works of Thomas Boston SOLD.

Calvin's Commentaries (Baker. 22 vol.) This set is 99.9% clean. There are a few highlighter marks in one or two volumes. It is very minimal. Asking $300.

This is the particular edition of his commentaries:

Gill's Commentaries. (Six massive volumes) The set is a bit dated, but it does not affect the readability and the pages are clean. SOLD

Thomas Adam's Works. (Tanski. 3 vols.) Near mint. Asking $150

I am considering selling Ralph And Ebenezer Erskine's works (9 vols.). They are in mint condition. I am asking $350 for both sets.

The Works of John Boys - (Mint. Soli Deo Gloria) - $60

Benjamin Brooks - The Lives of the Puritans (Mint. Soli Deo Gloria, 3 vols.) - $70

Thomas Shepard - Theses Sabbaticae (Works of Shepard. Soli Deo Gloria) - $50


Daniel I. Block - NICOT: Ezekiel 2 vol. Very clean set. $100 (obo).

Keil & Delitzsch - Commentary on the Old Testament (10 volumes. No markings.) $100

It is this particular edition:

I also have many hard to find Soli Deo Gloria titles.

From my research, all of the above prices appear to be under the market value. In some cases, quite significantly so. I figured I would sell them here first at a slightly discounted price. If interested, DM me, and I will consider the offer. Thanks.
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