I am selling some of my harder to find sets.

Regi Addictissimus

Completely sold out to the King
More sets I would be willing to part with:

Eight-volume set of Kuyper's works as published by Lexham. The volumes include On Islam, Pro Rege vol. 1-3, Common Grace vol. 1-3, and On the Church.

The five-volume set of John Eadie's commentaries on the Pauline Epistles. Eadie is my absolute favorite commentator on Paul's Epistles. $100

This is the version I have:

Pastoral ministry bundle: Princeton and the work of the Ministry 2 volumes (https://www.heritagebooks.org/produ...e-christian-ministry-2-vols-garretson-ed.html) + Gardner Spring's Power in the Pulpit (hardcover which is harder to find) + Al Martin's Pastoral Theology volume 1 + Dabney's Evangelical Eloquence - (I have some more titles I will add to this bundle. I am trying to find them now) $125