I Killed my Son -it wasn't an accident (An Illustration)

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"Years ago, I was with a pastor who told me of a man in his church who one day was cleaning his gun with his son. The unthinkable happened - the gun went off, and the the little boy was accidentally killed.

This pastor prayed in desperation as he sat with the distraught father, for he was a at a loss to know any comfort he could bring. Then he sensed the Lord saying this to him: 'Tell him I understand. Tell him I killed my Son-except it wasn't an accident.' "

(Taken from Living the Cross Centered Life by C. J. Mahaney, P. 97, a book that reminds not to go beyond the cross, because there is nothing beyond the cross).
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Maybe I'm not normal, but I have no idea how that would be comforting. Putting myself in the father's position, that would only serve to magnify the sin I had committed. Perhaps that is necessary, but it is not comforting.

It would only be comforting insofar as it means the father may be forgiven of negligent homicide. But there are a lot better ways of getting at that.

I love CJ Mahaney, and so I'm trusting that there is more context to this that I'm just not getting.
I always stop at: "sensed the Lord saying..."

Though, I probably do it as an overreaction rather than because I'm positive that this type of language is false.
We spent several years in a SGM church a while back when it was PDI. There is a lot beyond the cross, like the resurrection, and union with Christ and the joy of knowing God and walking by the holy spirit. I never saw so many depressed people as at that church. They were supposed to always be looking backward to the cross.

Paul says to look forward to what lies ahead too. If you don't have a rooting in looking ahead to our eternal hope, and all you are supposed to do is look backward to muster up more grattitude for the cross, I don't think you'll do so well.

I hope I don't come off contentious, but back 15 years ago CJM seemed to be contributing more to morose depression in people than to joy that Christ is risen, and we are risen with Him and raised up to newness of life. Please do not stop at the cross.
If you want to make the argument that this was sound wisedom that sovereignly gave him via life lessons the pastor learned through out his life within the realm of providence then I would have no problem saying God gave it to him. However I doubt that is what he meant.
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