I love jury duty

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We just got a defense verdict in a civil case where the jury was comprised of mostly minority women. It's not always clear who is going to side with the plaintiff or not. It also helps though that our managing partner is a nice little country girl from Mississippi. After the trial, the jurors said they just looooved her and thought the plaintiff was some sort of a fraud. The Plaintiff's attorney also made the (in my opinion BIG) mistake of characterizing the lawsuit as a monetary transaction where the jury needed to give the plaintiff money.


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If I ever get called to jury duty, I can guarantee you that I'll get asked to be thrown out of consideration if the trial is a capital murder case (against the death penalty). Doing the questionnaire won't even be necessary. The rest will probably be on a case by case basis, but I'm sure they'll let me off if they found out I'm still in school. Once a pastor and seminary professor, I'll probably never get selected :D. More time to teach and preach the Gospel, rather than deal with nut cases with hernias for brains.

With all due respect brother, your last sentence seems like a bit of a contradiction. I am sure other faithful ministers of the Gospel on this board could testify better than myself, but isn't part of preaching the gospel loving people? Based on this and some of your other posts, you certainly seem to have lofty goals for yourself (PhD, pastor, seminary professor) but I pray that you never forget the most important calling and that is to love God and love people. And brother, I say this as one who daily needs to be reminded of that same calling, so please do not think I am above it myself.

It was something I didn't realize until after the fact, so again I apologize for the transgression and contradiction, and pray that the Lord will forgive me for it as well. It's a never ending battle between the part of me that wants God and desires Him above all things, and a flesh that wants nothing but rebellion (and I'm sorry to say the latter wins the small battles most of the time). But thy Lord be praised for raising me up in Him and enabling Himself to be used as reconciliation before the Father for the sins I commit.
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