I Think That the Lord Wants Me to Own "The Christian's Reasonable Service"

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Fly Caster

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All four volumes came in the mail and I didn't order them.

I've been wanting to purchase them for months. Was planning to use some expected Christmas money received to purchase them around the first of the year.

I saw on my Facebook page Saturday morning that they had a special price of $75 for Facebook "Like"-rs at Reformation Heritage (sale ends today-- "Like" them on Facebook to see the code) and was tempted to go ahead and order.

Anyhoo, a few hours later a package arrived, of books that had been ordered for our church library, and the first thing I saw when I opened the box was 4 big, thick white books that we had not ordered. We had ordered the 4 vol. Bavinck set, and I figured out they had sent the wrong items.

Had to do a bit of convincing with my wife first, but this morning I called the good folks at RHB and explained and offered to save them shipping costs by buying them at sale price if they would send correct items.

I'm happy that I got the books I wanted and they were happy not to have to pay to have them sent back.

A Happy Providence? I think so.


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Here is a website dedicated solely to a'Brakel and his wonderful systematic theology, "The Christian's Reasonable Service." It will come in handy in reading the work.

Btw, I've printed all the four volumes myself, just to save some money.
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