I was a naked beggar

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    "When one is made a noble, he must be of an independent fortune to support his rank. But, before my new creation, I was such a naked beggar, that I had not a rag to cover me. But now I am arrayed in embroidered robes, robes of needlework—all glorious without by his imputed righteousness; all glorious within by his imparted grace! Besides, to support my dignity, there is a royal pension settled on me, and in such a manner, that I may spend like a prince—but cannot squander it away. I have a right to all the treasures of grace, to all the fullness of God. Now is the time of my minority, during which I differ nothing from a servant, though lord of all. But when the day of glory comes, I shall enter on the full possession of the riches and treasures of glory and bliss—above the conception of the human mind! And, in the mean time, I shall have what is necessary to bring me home to the King’s palace. Great men here may have diamond buttons, and buckles set with diamonds; but the city of my King, where he and all his people dwell—has foundations of precious gems, gates of pearls, and streets of gold!"
    James Meikle
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    Wow! Very moving.
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