I was thinking of an online bible study -then I changed my mind

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Puritan Board Senior
1. You should be meeting face to face
2. Not everyone is as isolated from reformed churches as I am so it would be a way of evading church attendance for the majority
3. If you get to know your brothers and sisters in the flesh you know how they are saying something - you can tell from the tone of their voice
4. The board is too diverse - even narrowing the theological field down to reformed baptists and reformed prebys that encompases a lot
5. Our church experiences shape our speech as well as culture the diversity of experience is enormous, some of us have been hurt by charismatic schisms and are "sensitive" to trigger words like "gifts" etc...
6. Time zones - Universal Coordinated time is meant to make it easier but...

It was a nice thought for all of five minutes but I don't think so :2cents:
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