Images of Christ

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I know that images are 100% wrong so will say that from the start. No place in Christian anything!
But I often wonder about the images of, so called, Christ that abound today.
So many churches have them. I have seen them used by Roman Catholics, Seven Day Adventists, Charismatics and so many others.
On T shirts, books, paintings etc etc I have even seen them in Bibles!
Show any of them to anyone today and they will all say "that is Jesus". I know its not and the likelihood of it being so is non existent.
But apart from small differences in maybe hair colour or something else insignificant they all look very very similar.
Even the one that stands over Rio.
In the movies they are portrayed the same way.
You would say that it is a universal image!
So people are in churches worshipping this image, when they see it on a T shirt or anywhere else it is seen as Jesus and by some, actually many in probably the millions worldwide, even worshiped.
It seems that even non Catholic churches have embraced this, and I will go so far as to say, hideous image. Hideous as in what it makes people do. No need to elaborate.
To me this image represents Satan in all his antichrist, glory, if I can use that word. Doesn't seem right but ill use it to express what I mean.
All he stands for against Christ and the Christian faith. The Truth.
He is obsessed with being worshipped, trying even to get Christ to worship him.
Why would he not have people accept a universal image worldwide and receive this worship and adoration, for all he stands for, defiantly, and have them in the millions bow down to it and worship it. To have even those who profess not to follow the ways of the Pope still accept this universal image of all he actually stands for. To all beak the commandment in accepting it as an image of Jesus.
I even once saw this image on the front of a book from a John Mc Carthur (think I spelt it wrong) where he used that same image, photo, that was supposedly on the shroud of Turin.
Im not saying its Satan, but I do believe it stands for all that he is.
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