In the Footsteps of St.Paul

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We returned a couple of days ago from our holiday in Malta. We stayed in St Paul's Bay which is claimed to be the site of Paul's shipwreck in Acts 28. I read the passage a number of times when I was there and it certainly fits the description.

Yet the Christianity Paul brought to the island is beyond recognition to the prevailing "christianity" (it doesn't even deserve a capital C) of today. Catholicism abounds and during each weekend there is a festive where the statue of Mary is paraded around a different town followed by a band, fireworks and presumably a mass. During the first weekend it was actually our town the festive was held in. My wife and I watched it go past and felt we were watching a scene from the dark ages.

Superstition also abounds. The Maltese believe when Paul cast the snake into the fire, that removed the poison form all the snakes in Malta whilst apparently there is a rock on the island which Paul allegedly struck with a rod and water gushed out.

Although there is religious freedom, the pastor of the wee church we attended was saying it is very difficult for non-RC groups to get planning permission and they met in a room rented from a local hotel.

Below is a picture of St Paul's Island at the mouth of the bay that has a statue of Paul. Paul is honoured, Mary is honoured, the RC saints are honoured, but it seems not Christ and his word are honoured

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