Interpreting OT prophecy?

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Hi! Looking for some books that deal with properly interpreting OT prophecy. Especially interested in how these OT prophecies actually have a fuller NT meaning (meaning the OT prophet may have not fully understood what the were prophesying) and while they may have thought literal fulfillment turns out speaking of a spiritual fulfillment and not just for Israel but all who are in Jesus Christ. Also the danger of assuming always to have a literal interpretation of prophecy (such as dispensationalism) given that there are many places in NT where the human OT prophecy authors intention are reapplied by NT authors. I know that we cannot reinterpret OT prophecy like NT authors (given they were divinely inspired by God to do so) but we can use the NT to interpret the OT whereas seem the more dispensational minded use the OT to interpret the NT. This seems backwards to me. Any recommendations on topic? Thank you!

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"The Interpretation of Prophecy" by Patrick Fairbairn, one of the greatest biblical theologians.

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RPTS professor Anthony Selvaggio has an easy-to-read little book called The Prophets Speak of Him that goes through the minor prophets and does much of what you're describing. I've found it to be helpful not just for understanding those prophets, but for picking up the method he uses and the mindset with which he approaches the prophets. The book is not a technical how-to. Nor does it provide criticism of other approaches. But sometimes the best way to learn a method is to watch someone use it.
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