Isaac Ambrose on hindrances to redeeming the time

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
... 2. Slothfulness; this makes men heedless, or careless of their time: As it is with the sluggard, Yet a little more sleep, a little more slumber, a little more folding of the arms is sleep. So it is with the idle person, Let this hour, and this day be spent in doing nothing. O the many golden hours, and days, and years that many thousands spend, and yet cannot give the least account wherein either they have glorified God, or served their generations.

3. Love of fleshly liberty: Alas, what care they for redeeming time who are set on their lusts and liberties to sin? All the care they have, it is merely to eat, and drink, and play: sensual pleasures are the whole study of these men, and if they can but enjoy them, let time slip away as it will, they never regard it. ...

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