J. C. Ryle on people being excellent Calvinists on their knees

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The nature of man since the fall is so corrupt and depraved, that even when Christ is made known and preached to him, he will not come to Him and believe in Him, without the special grace of God inclining his will and giving him a disposition to come. Moral suasion and advice alone will not bring him. He must be “drawn.” This is no doubt a very humbling truth, and one which in every age has called forth the hatred and opposition of man. …

The doctrine of human impotence, whether man likes it or not, is the uniform teaching of the Bible. The natural man is dead, and must be born again, and brought to life. (Ephesians ii. 1.) He had neither knowledge, nor faith, nor inclination toward Christ, until grace comes into his heart. Man never of himself begins with God. God must first begin with man. And this beginning is just the “drawing” of the text.

The more the holiest Christians are examined, the more general is their testimony found that without grace they never would have been converted, and that God “drew” them, or else they never would have come to Christ. And it is a curious fact moreover, that many who profess to deny man’s impotence in theory, often confess it in their prayers and praises, almost in spite of themselves. Many people are very low Arminians in print or in the pulpit, but excellent Calvinists on their knees.

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I have often wondered, why would the consistent Arminian pray for God to save anyone?

Would God, in their view, impose salvation upon a lost soul?

To be consistent, it seems to me, they should get off their knees and just try to go convince the unbeliever to believe and repent.

Thankfully, they are not consistent! Thank God they DO pray for the salvation of the lost. "Lord, save my friend, my brother, my neighbor, my enemy. . ."
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