J. W. Alexander's Letters

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I'm re-reading this set: Forty Years' Familiar Letters of James W. Alexander, D.D. Constituting, With the Notes, a Memoir of His Life, Edited by the Surviving Correspondent, John Hall, D.D.; 2 volumes (New York: Charles Scribner, 1860).

These two volumes contain about 800 letters written by James Waddell Alexander (1804-1859) to John Hall between 1819 and 1859 - from Alexander's student days through his ministry and teaching years (including European travel), up to his death.

I read the set about five years ago. Remembering how delightful and informative the letters are, I've decided to re-read them.

It would be nice if some publisher would come along and re-print these volumes, as they've been out of print for a hundred years, doubtless.


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Forty Years was reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books maybe ten years ago. They might still have some in stock.
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