James Denham on the church’s spiritual independence

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Having thus stated the form of our government, allow me now to advert to some of its advantages. The first is, that by it the spiritual independence of the church is fully secured. Our fundamental principle is, that Christ is the alone Head of the church. Here we acknowledge no pope, we bow to no earthly potentate.

When the despots of the Stuart race attempted to invade and usurp this royal prerogative of Messiah, our fathers, though most firmly attached to the sovereign, and most conscientiously and cheerfully obedient to him, in all civil matters, here took their stand; and by their struggles in the Assembly, their wanderings on the mountains, their achievements in the battle field, and their sufferings at the stake, they have handed down to us, stained with the blood of many martyrs, this noble birthright of Presbyterians — the independence of our church.

For the reference, see James Denham on the church’s spiritual independence.

It is abought time for me to read Jus Divinum again. I am sure It has been over a decade and a half since I have read it. Reading it with Presbyterian eyes now should make it more edifying.

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